Easy to Work With

I collaborated with Ms. Ana in making some average to difficult projects and she was a very reliable person at work. She did an incredible job of working with me side by side while delivering the backend’s I need to integrate on my front-end. She also didn’t give up even when we had lots of revisions to do and needs to work past overtime.

I definitely recommend Ms. Ana for being amiable. Working in an industry with lots of stress and tension considering revisions from clients had been hard but Ms. Ana was such a ball of sunshine. She knows how to make her co-workers and clients comfortable which makes it very easy to work with her.

Ms. Ana is a great critical thinker and problem solver. She knows what she’s doing and needs only minimal guidance from others. When she encounters a problem, she solves it in her own unique ways and she also does her own research.

Cris Barbosa

UI/UX Engineer


Ana has good developer skills. She knows how to have a clean code. Even when under pressure, she still tries to help out others when she can.

Von Payumo

UI/UX Specialist & Startup Founder


Ana is pleasant to work with. She works quite fast and delivers her tasks way ahead of the deadline. Her skills and quality of work are great and would openly recommend stuff to make your website work well for your business. Will definitely work with her again.

Ria Cortez

CEO, Digimom Online


Ana is an avid learner of many things. She shares her insights and expertise generously. When faced with challenges, she works hard to solve the problems. Her skills and work ethic are highly commendable and proven by our team and the people she has worked with.

Jel del Rosario

Web Developer


Going Beyond

Ana worked in my company for close to three years and I saw firsthand as she grew from someone just starting her career in web development to one of the best in our small company. Three things I liked about working with her:

  1. Her propensity to learn.
    She goes to dozens of workshops, conferences, hackathons, and other activities outside of work. This has contributed to growth in a lot of aspects that have shown inside of work.
  2. Going beyond (we like to call “Magis”).
    She is not the type who is content with following instructions diligently, she is the type who will look to create even greater value to the company and to our clients.
  3. Inter-personal skills.
    Programmers (me included) have a stereotype of being reserved and lacking in social skills. She has one of the highest EQ and SQ among her peers, and thus brings much more to the table than just programming. I believe in her ability to succeed in whatever path she chooses to take and am grateful for the several years she has served under MagisSolutions

JC Soriano

CEO, MagisSolutions