Are we a Good Fit?

Creating, running, and managing a startup is hard work. I truly admire you. To keep on track with my personal goals, I’m not accepting equity-based compensation for now.

My work is most often protected by NDA. I cannot show you other examples of actual work I’ve done for previous clients to protect my clients’ identity and work. If we work together, I will protect you the same way.

Instead, I have created this blog, to let you understand my thought process, and share my knowledge. I have also created side projects for fun and will showcase them here.

Each individual project is unique and would need their individual quotations. For only hourly arrangements, my rate is $30 per hour. If the project is complex, then let’s talk about your budget and your project and business goals. I work with my clients to find the scope and payment term we both win in.

Good clients don’t want cheap, they want reliable developers who complete their projects on time. They want developers who can communicate and won’t run on them when something goes wrong.

I aim to give value by creating that app, program, or feature that solves your business problems. And in turn, I expect to be paid in proportion to the value I give to your business.

More than a developer who “just codes”, I aim to be a technical business partner who understands the underlying needs of your business. Technical requirements are important, but so is your overall business, which is why I aim to understand how the project can help your business for the better. I am willing to sign an NDA, in case that would be needed.

To give the best service, and to hone my skills, I am focusing only on backend development. For projects needing full-stack development, I collaborate with my team of developers to deliver the project.