About Ana

I believe that people's lives can be better with good software, and I was blessed with this unique skill to help them.

I believe that people’s lives can be better and easier with good software that helps them. I also believe that programming and development is my art form. This is God’s gift to me. (I know, because I’ve tried to be anyone else but me, and it never works.)

To achieve my personal goals by serving others is my cause, and this is my own unique way of doing that.

Is this you?

You have an idea, a feature, a project that needs to get done. Your business relies on this to be able to move faster, be better, serve more, and delight your customers. Software development projects can range from simple to complex, and you need someone who understands and can make this happen.

Let me help

In my 3+ years as a backend developer for various projects, I have become a well-rounded service provider. I’ve done various web app projects, ranging from basic CRUD apps, payment integrations, API development, admin panels, and data visualization graphs. To this day, I still aim to keep my learning fresh and up-to-date to be able to bring more value to the table.

I value well-written and maintainable code that follows standards, clear communication with clients and partners, and mutually-agreed-upon deadlines.

Finishing your project on time and on spec is important to me. I truly believe that what matters most in creating a successful project relies heavily on clear communication, so I aim to understand my clients’ needs thoroughly.

Are you ready to turn your idea into reality?

I can’t wait to help you move from frustrated & stuck to finished & done!

A little bit about me

I graduated with a Psychology degree in college. Worked as an animator and call center agent before finally finding web development. I learned the basics from a 3-month web development Bootcamp while working full-time in the call center. Even though the road is hard, whatever I put my mind into and throw myself wholeheartedly in, I will make it happen no matter what.

It took a long time for me to discover my passions. And it took a long time before I could fully embrace myself, my unique talents, skills, and abilities. I believe that each of us is unique in our way, and we can’t be anybody else but ourselves. To be able to serve others and live a meaningful life, I believe it is only by embracing ourselves and our own purpose that we can do it.

In my spare time, I put my creativity in building Lego Art, and relax through swoon-worthy k-dramas. I enjoy improv shows and dancing.